Website Hosting

Website Hosting

What’s Web Hosting?
It’s a service provided to companies and individuals that allow them to post files or a web page on the internet. You’ll need to have a domain name to host your website with a web hosting company like

Why Do You Need Web Hosting?
If you want to do professional work and develop trust with prospective customers, you need to buy web hosting. You’ll agree that when searching online, you can barely trust a free website. That’s the same aspect every other person, including your target customers, will consider before they can purchase anything from you.

How Web Hosting Works
You pay a web hosting company like to put your HTML, CSS files or a web page on our server(s). That simply means that you’re buying hosting. Whenever visitors to your website type the domain name when searching, they’re routed to your site.

Different Types of Web Hosting that We Offer

Shared Business Hosting
Most small businesses go for shared hosting. Of all the hosting providers out there, we pride ourselves on being the fastest and most affordable shared hosting for businesses. We put in every effort and resources to ensure that your site loads fast. That way, prospective customers willing to visit your site do not turn to your competitors.

In shared hosting, accounts belonging to individuals and smaller businesses share a single server making the plan cheaper.
We can guarantee that your business will outgrow your shared hosting. When that happens, we move you effortlessly to a higher plan with more storage space without affecting the performance of your site.

VPS Hosting
If you choose VPS Hosting, you have access to a personal copy of an operating system. In short, this type of hosting requires you to share a server although they’re designed to act like individual smaller server options. With VPS hosting, you customise everything as you wish.

At, we offer high-performance VPS for businesses. We have different plans including the managed and unmanaged plans.

Dedicated Hosting
In dedicated hosting, we’ll designate and rent you one of our physical servers and then put your company’s site files and web pages. You can have full control over the server and can customise it as you wish. This is the best option for large companies whose sites demand a lot of resources given the large traffic they receive.

However, if you don’t want to hire a system administrator, we have our experts who’ll ensure it always at its optimum. Dedicated hosting from guarantees even very high loading speed as you have access to the entire resources of the server. As a company, you’ll also cater for the cost of maintaining your own server.

The best thing about this type of hosting is that it’s secure than all others and you’ll not be competing with other businesses for space and speed. has been providing professional web hosting services for large companies. If you lack time to manage your dedicated servers, we have a team of dedicated hosting experts who’ll ensure that your business website is at its best.

WordPress Hosting
As you already know, WordPress remains the most popular web builder platform. As such, we offer managed WordPress hosting. By hosting with us, we’ll keep your WordPress updated, and ensure that it’s protected from any security threats.

Reseller Hosting
If you want to join us in selling hosting to other businesses, then we give you access to a shared hosting account with all the tools you’ll require to do business. We grant you greater control over your account.
For dedicated hosting, should be your stop point. Thanks to our secured and around the clock guarded data centres; you can be sure your information our server will remain uncompromised.