Internet Security

Internet Security

At, we’re aware of the threats that online businesses face, which is why we have put the necessary measures to ensure every site or server you host with us is protected from the security threats.
Cyber attacks not only risk your business but also expose your customers to lots of security threats from hackers. For instance, the sensitive information they provide when purchasing goods and services from you risk theft. And when such crucial details get into the wrong hands, that’s when you start hearing of cases of identity theft while others go into a shopping craze using the credentials of the victims.

Secure Data Centers has a safe, world-class high powered data centre based in the UK where your dedicated hosting servers will be based. We have them monitored and guarded 24/7 by a team of highly skilled engineers to prevent an authorised access, the integrity of your information remains uncompromised.

Automatic Back-Ups
We have implemented measures to ensure your data is unaffected in case an emergency arises. And if the auto back up is not enough, then you’ll enjoy manual back up that works best whenever there’s an update.

Manual Reboot
If your company chooses our VPS hosting or dedicated server plans, we grant you access to the control panel where you can restart your VPS service or dedicated server. Why is that important for your business? That allows you to make updates on demand or even reboot your server whenever you discover any issues.

SSL Certificates
This is a standard security technology that every online business must have to keep the sensitive information shared safely. The confidential info includes emails, credit card numbers, passwords, and usernames.
We install Secure Socket Layer on your web server to establish a secure encrypted communication between the web browser and your dedicated server. As such, hackers cannot steal, tamper or even steal identity whenever your customers share their information when buying from you.

Distributed Denial of Service is a form of a cyber attack targeting a web server hosting your website. In such an attack, the server gets flooded with traffic from thousands of computers from all over the web. Any time a good visitor (read a prospective customer) tries to access your site, he cannot access as the DDoS renders it inaccessible.
At, we have DDoS mitigating ultra-powerful technology that protects our servers from attacks. That way, you can be sure your site will be safe at all times.

To protect all our servers from DDoS and hacks, we have incorporated advanced high-security firewalls. Our firewalls act as a filter between the servers and the internet and limit access to your server or even website. With a customised firewall, you grant access to your dedicated server to a few select individuals. Besides, it lowers the chances of attack significantly as a lot of the sensitive information fed is usually in encrypted form.
With the increasing cases and threats of cyber attacks, you cannot afford to make compromises on the security of your site or that of your customers. You need reliable hosting provider like that understand the value of security and have put measures to keep your server secure.